How to Stay Safe While Shopping at the Mall

Criminals who target shoppers in crowded malls are attracted to a target who seems distracted. When a criminal is identifying a target in mall that is full of shoppers, they are likely to go for one who looks distracted. Carrying many bags and items in your hands can provoke a criminal to follow a shopper in the hope that they will get an opportunity to steal from them. Some circumstances can be favorable for a criminal to harm and steal from a shopper. To stay safe as you shop, you can follow the tips mentioned below.

Do not park in dark places of the parking lot. A parking that has guards is also a good place. Going for a point that is far away from the entrance or exit will mean difficulty when you want to leave if other shoppers have their cars along the exit. Do not stay at the parking lot for a long time because criminals will have an opportunity to attack you.

When you are leaving the mall and realize the it is dark and you are carrying many bags, request for help from a guard to help you to where you parked your car. When you get to the car, check around, inside and under it to ensure nobody is hiding.

Try to cover them any valuable items that you leave in the car or keep them in the trunk. Covering electronics, and purses reduces the chances of a criminal breaking into your car.

Beware of the people surrounding you as you shop. Be careful not to give your whole attention to purchases at the expense of being robbed. Your money can be stolen while you are busy. In case you notice anything suspicious, trust your instincts and ask for help when needed.

Avoid paths that have few people using it. Use cloak rooms which are in a busy place.

Do not put valuable items such as your wallets, purses or phones on the trolley as you shop.

If you have any children in your company in the mall, do not let them wander around on their own. There are child-traffickers who could steal the children when left unattended. When you use babysitters in the mall, it is easy for a predator to kidnap your child.

Take time to know the mall you are visiting. Find out if there are stations for security around the shopping mall, because you might need them if caught in an emergency.

Carry the amount of money you are likely to need while shopping. If you are robbed, you will lose only the amount you were to use for shopping, but what you left at home is safe. For the safety of anyone in the mall, these tips are of great importance.