Reasons to Speak to a Divorce Attorney Without Telling Your Spouse

Going through a divorce can be a traumatic experience. If and when you decide to get a divorce is a personal decision, and there are likely factors that go into making this decision that are unique to you and your circumstances. However, once you decide that you want a divorce, you should first speak to a divorce attorney before informing your spouse. The following are a few reasons this is true.

You may change your mind
After speaking to an attorney, you may decide that you don’t want a divorce. At least not at this time. A divorce attorney can explain all of the ramifications involved in a divorce. Once hearing about everything that will change in your life, especially financial changes, you may decide to put off your divorce for a while. Perhaps you can seek marriage counseling or work out your problems. By consulting with an attorney first, without telling your spouse, you still have other options open to you, but if you inform your spouse of your intentions, it makes it more difficult to save a marriage.

You don’t want to tip your hand
Once a spouse learns of your intentions to divorce and you do not have an attorney, they can begin to hide assets. Suddenly, you find out that you and your spouse don’t have the wealth that you thought was there. When you go to split the assets, you will end up with far less than you were entitled to. A divorce attorney can do an asset search. Everything that is a part of your marriage that can be considered community property can be found ahead of time. The moment you inform your spouse of the desire for a divorce, any attempt at hiding money and property will be futile. Your attorney will know what was there and demand to know what happened to it.

Generally speaking, the divorce laws can be confusing, and they may not be what you think they are. Even if you have been through a divorce, if it was in another state, the divorce laws can be quite different from one state to the next. If you went through a divorce in the same state you reside in now, the laws may have changed since then. If you have never been through a divorce, but you have friends and relatives who have, you still won’t know exactly what it is like until you go through the experience yourself. By consulting with a divorce lawyer in Lake Forest IL, you will have the information you need to make an informed decision.